Robotics and Automation

With expertise in automation and 'smart' system development, we can take your ideas from concept to modeling and algorithm development, and finally to manufacturing and testing. Whether your needs are in controller development, process automation, or development of 'smart' systems with autonomous operation or recognition capabilities, we can make your project a reality.

Machine Learning and Smart Systems

Complication in modern machines drives the need for new tools to make the systems smart and functional in the modern era. We are ready to improve and invent new systems with embedded intelligence. Blending computational might with elegant algorithms, we can develop software/hardware solutions for your problems big or small. We experience working with data-driven classification, feature recognition, and probabilistic matching, amongst other things. Given our abilities with a number of programming languages, databases, and micro- controllers we are able to create the system you need on the platform you want.


Communication between electrical components is essential in data collection and automation. We are experienced with numerous standard communication protocols and have also¬†developed our own protocols tools to meet a project’s requirements. From designing and installing local secure networks to XON/XOFF communications for drip feeding computer numerically controlled machines, if you require communication to or from any electrical system wired or wireless we can provide you a tailored solution.

Dynamical Systems

The first step in the development of robust controllers for any system is to develop a proper understanding of how the system operates and interacts with the environment. Our strong theoretical background allows us to develop detailed models of your systems for analysis and controller development, ensuring system stability and performance.


A motorized machine without control is a paper weight. Using a mathematical approach, we can create controllers that can be applied to a variety of  robotic automation systems.