PolarCell Thickness Gauge

About This Project

PolarCell produces polycarbonate laminates for fuel cells by press-curing resin impregnated carbon felt between heated platens. A thickness gage is used to ensure that the resultant laminate is within the desired tolerances. PolarCell’s pneumatically actuated thickness gage was fully restored to working order. This work involved re-running all pneumatic lines, pressure release valves, and manifolds and replacing all pneumatic cylinders. Substantial modifications were made to the assembly such that the gage would consistently hold 0.0001″ tolerances and would apply no more than 7.0 – 8.0 psi of foot pressure while using a much higher pressure to retract the probes. Additionally, the accompanying software was adapted to accommodate for multiple grid patterns such that a plethora of locations could be sampled for their thicknesses as per the client’s request.