Instrumentation and Data Analysis

As a team comprised of engineers with research and development experience, we are well equipped to design and instrument your experiments as well as analyse your data. We offer experience in mechanical, aeronautical, and biomedical experimentation. All good researchers are able to analyze data. However, our team has the ability to adapt to any field or subfield whether it be laser welding or growing cell cultures; we are capable of dissecting your systems and providing you with clear and concise analytical and statistical analyses.

Data Processing

Without proper processing and analysis, raw data can often be meaningless or even misleading. We have extensive experience in data acquisition and analysis, including noise reduction techniques, signal filtering, and modal analysis, ensuring that you gain the most information from your instrumented systems.

Statistical Analysis

Our team is well versed in a wide range of statistical analysis techniques in a variety of software packages. Handling large sets of data requires careful characterization and feature reduction in order to obtain the most important information while minimizing memory usage. Our tools and techniques allow us to classify and assess your data in a rigorous manner.


From sensor selection to installation and data acquisition, we can design and implement integrated sensing and communication systems for experimentation or process monitoring.